Belgium 2010 – Brugge

Brugge is an excellent city, it really is.  It is no wonder it is such a popular spot for tourists to visit.  Brugge is a beautiful canal city, which is why it is often referred to as “The Venice of the North”.

We spent a good part of this day just wandering around the city through the narrow cobblestone streets just taking in the sights.  Lunch was at a small restaurant where Peter and I both had beef stew (a traditional Flemish dish) and fries with mayonnaise.  Belgians sometimes refer to mayonnaise as “Belgian water”.

In the late afternoon, we headed to a brief brewery tour at a small brewery here called De Halve Maan, which I think means, ‘the half moon”.  There is a separate, newer brewery at the same location, but most of the historical equipment had been preserved and they toured us through a maze of a building to look at it.  The tour took us all the way up to the roof of the building, which gave us a great view of Brugge.

Also of interest, we visited an old church called The Church of Our Lady.  In it is one of the only statues by Michelangelo outside of Italy, “Madonna and Child” which was carved out of marble.  Aside from the statue, both the brickwork and woodwork in this church are incredible.

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