Belgium 2010 Itenerary

I leave for Belgium in ~4 days.  This is a trip I have wanted to do for awhile.  Belgium is basically the mecca of beer.  So much history, so much tasty beer.  The original plan was to go with a group of 4, though a few people couldn’t make it so it is just me and my friend Peter.

Here is the rough itenerary:

Thursday March 4th:

Flight from CHI to BRU

Friday March 5th:

Arrive in Brussels at 8:00AM

Spending the day in Brussels, likely attending The Night of Great Thirst (7pm)

Hoping to sample some amazing Lambics.

Saturday March 6th:

Another day in/around Brussels. Attending the Cantillion Brew (Boil up), in which the brew kettles are fired up for the first time of the year.

Sunday March 7th:

Another day in Brussels. We are keeping this day pretty open, as we may be tired and still a bit jet-lagged.  Possibly visiting the Delerium Cafe, known for its huge selection of Belgian beers.

Monday March 8th:

Driving to Ghent. We haven’t finalized what we are going to do here yet, but Ghent is a beautiful city, so I hope to be able to take some great photos here.

Tuesday March 9th:

Driving to Brugge.  This is another beautiful city.  We have a few options on this day, one of which includes visiting the Halvemaan Brewery.

Wednesday March 10th:

Hoping to take a trip to the Westvleteran monastery.  The Trappist monks that live here brew what is generally regarded as one of the best/most difficult to find beer in the world.  These monks brew only enough of this beer to support themselves, and the only place you can buy the beer is at the monastery if you have an appointment.  You must call ahead and give them your order and license plate number to pick up a carton, and unfortunately it appears they are all booked for the time we will be there.   Reselling this beer is strictly prohibited.  Visiting the actual monastery is also not allowed, as they seek primarily to live in peace and seek God.  There is a small center for visitors that serves their beer just outside that we will be visiting.

Thursday March 11th:

Driving to Tourpes to visit Brasserie Dupont sprl, the makers of one of my favorite beers, the Saison Dupont.  Doesn’t look like they are currently doing brewery tours, but we should be able to still visit the brewery.

Friday March 12th:

Possibly going to visit Rochefort where another one of my favorite Trappist monasteries resides, though it looks like they are even more closed off to visitors than Westvleteran.  We may reschedule this day.

Saturday March 13th:

Driving to Antwerp, likely to tour Brouwerij De Koninck NV.  This will leave us close enough to Brussels for our flight the next day.

Sunday March 14th:

Flight out of Brussels at 1:05PM

Obviously most of this is subject to change (and probably will), but it highlights a few of the main things we want to hit.  I am not yet entirely sure what the Internet situation will be when I am there, but I hope to be able to post a few updates and pictures of the trip while I am in Belgium.


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