Belgium 2010 – Zythos Beer Festival

On our third and final day in Brussels, Peter and I caught a train to Sint Nicholas to attend the Zythos beer festival.  We didn’t know about this festival before we left, but apparently one of the countries largest beer festivals resided perfectly with our itenerary.  Navigating the train station was a bit interesting.  It required us to make  few strange transfers, and follow instructions that neither of us could understand.

But we made it. There.  Apparently we read the returning trip times wrong, and when we showed up at the station we realized that there were no trips remaining to get us back to Brussels. Crap.  As fate would have it, we met a few Americans at the festival, one of which who just so happened to have reserved 4 rooms a hotel nearby that were empty.  Apparently his friends’ plans fell through.  He was an extremely nice guy – a nerupathology doctor for the US military in Germany.  He had offered previously in that night for us to stay in one of the rooms, so we headed back to the hotel and somehow ran into him going to get food.  It ended up working out pretty well.  His rooms were nicer than where we were staying in Brussels.

Among other notable things for the evening, another American approached me at the festival asking what lens I was using on my camera.  He apparently is working on a documentary about Belgian beer, and what makes this tiny little country brew some of the world’s best beers.  He told us he is making it with Tim Webb, who is the author of the most popular Belgian beer guide book, and coincidentally the one that is still in our backpack and made planning this trip possible.  “You want to meet him?” he asked us.  He walked us over and we sat down with him.  He signed out book, “Flipped through it  It’s better than I remember – Tim Webb”.  He was a typical British man with pretty dry humor – just enough to not be able to tell if he is being rude or not.  But he was fun, and getting the book signed by him will be cool for the guy we borrowed it from.

We are in the medieval town of Gent currently, huddled up in this compact BWM mini accessing somebody Internet (change your default router passwords, people!)  Peter and I are both pretty tired, so we plan on today being pretty uneventful.

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