Belgium 2010 – Brasserie Dupont

Two days ago, we took a day trip to the city of Tourpes, which is in the middle of the French Belgium country side.  In the middle of the nothingness, was a small brewery called Brasserie Dupont.  This brewery produces one of my favorite styles, the Saison which is French for “season”.  This style historically was a type of beer that was given for both payment and refreshment to the farm workers in the French speaking part of Belgium.

Unfortunately, there were no tours of the brewery on the day we were there, but we walked around a bit and took a few pictures.  We then went across the street to a local pub that had pretty much all of their beers on tap.  This was clearly the local option.  It was small, and the few people who lived in the area would come in and out.  The bartender was really nice, and I conversed with him in French a decent amount.  I think he appreciated I was making an effort to speak his tongue, and he ended up taking a liking to us.  He gave us a few free cheese plates, and a plate of some sort of tomato gelatin with what looked like the scraps from a pig, cut into cubes, and a free beer.  It was quite delicious.

Visiting this brewery was exactly what I had hoped it would be.  It was humble, small, and in the heart of the Belgian country side.  And for one day, we got to be one of the locals as well.

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