Belgium 2010 – Internet

Internet in these hostels has been pretty hard to come by.  If it does exist it is often crappy, or only accessible from a certain spot.  Our first job upon arriving in a new city is always to access the Internet situation.  Above is our setup tonight.  Peter’s Macbook was the only computer in good signal range.  We ran Ethernet from his computer to mine so that I could use my network card to create an adhoc network.  We then connected our phones and ipod touches and my other (work laptop) to the network being broadcast from my macbook.  So tonight, we had 5 or so devices connected to the same set of tubes.  It held up surprisingly well.  Peter was able to chat with Rachael on the phone while I video chatted with Shannon over gchat.

I may be half way around the world right now, but I cannot forget where I came from. The Internet.

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