As we were walking through Brussels we noticed an abnormally high number of police officers.  Walking a little further, we came across a huge protest/march through the streets.  It was strange though, since it appeared to be quite unfocused.  There were tons of different groups all protesting different causes.  Maybe the government only gives protesting permits out for a certain day, and gets it all over with at once.  Who knows.  For the most part, it seemed pretty light-hearted and like people were having some fun with it.  As for me, I joined the group dressed as construction workers.  I am not sure what our cause was, but I assure you it was worth my while.

My personal favorite was the girl I have here in the pictures with the sign that says “J’ai mal partout”.  At the time, my poor French translated it to read “I am angry at everyone”, which would be a hilarious thing to protest.  Google translate corrected me this morning though, and it means “I hurt everywhere.”  Still unfocused, though she was with the feminists so I guess it works.

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