My plane arrived on time in Belgium arond 8:30AM (1:30AM CST).  We picked up our rental car – a BWM mini  6 speed MT- and drove to our hostel to check in.  Roads in Brussels are on par with those in Boston.  No grid, no planning, and inadequate signage.  Fortunately Peter hacked on European maps to his GPS, and that has been a real life saver.

We elected to dive around Brussels for awhile looking for parking instead of paying for it, and I think we lucked out with a spot in a back alley somewhere.

So far, the rest of our day has been spent walking around Brussels.  We found a bathroom at McDonalds which cost me 30 cents to use.  I considered getting my moneys worth.

We had the classic Belgian fries slathered in mayonaise for lunch at a small brewery near the Grande place.  My french is rusty.  They had a pretty delicious Belgian Trippel, and an Amber that didn’t do too much for me.

Extremely tired right now, as the melatonin didn’t quite do the trick for me on the plane.  I am forcing myself to stay away right now so I can go to bed at a normal Belgian hour tonight to adjust my clock.

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