The Night of the Great Thirst

Only time for a real quick post.  Peter and I went to this small beer festival last night which when translated, is called “The Night of the Great Thirst”.  We basically drove 30 minutes outside of Brussels into a small town.  Eventually we found the festival which was in a few tents outside of a church.

Some of the best Belgian breweries of Lambic, Kreik, and Gueze were at this festival.  It was actually quite amazing.  Here we were, standing in Belgium, in this very small and intimate festival in a tent in the middle of nowhere sampling some of the most rare and unique beers in the world.

In the airport the previous day, I recognized a guy I’d met at the Chicago Beer Society, and we saw him again at the festival.  He is extremely knowledgeable, and was pointing out to us all the various beer “celebrities” that were at this tiny festivals.  Brewers from places in America, authors of many Belgian beer books, etc.

Heading off now to acquire food, and then to Catillion for the day for their opening day of brewing.

As a side note, we didn’t really have any foresight when we picked the dates for our trip, but it turns out this is one of the best times we could have come, in terms of number of relevant festivals and events going on in Belgium right now.  It really is quite remarkable.

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