We headed to Cantillon Brewery yesterday for their open brew day (first day of brewing of the season).  The place is basically an old barn just outside of Brussels.  We could literally smell the fresh wort when we were walking down the street on our way there.  The first picture is of spent grains, still hot.  One of the cool things about this brewery is that they use virtually no modern equipment.  I think the most recent piece of machinery they have was from 1937.  Their solution for mice who love to eat grain? Lots of cats at the brewery.  All of their beers are brewed with spontaneous fermentation, meaning they literally leave it out in the open with the windows open, and it picks up wild yeast from the air.  Belgium has good yeast in their air.   Cantillon is a family operation is now on the 4th generation.  The head brewer retired 2 years ago, and passed his job down to his son.  It was pretty cool to see this place, and to be here for their opening day when they let people through it.

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