Hard To Go When You’ve Stayed Too Long

kday grand canyon

I’m leaving my job. I’ve spent 9 years here. I could have finished high school and college again in this time. My coworkers are from all over the world and are some of the smartest people I’ve been around. Some are among my closest friends. I get free lunch. But just a few months ago […]


I remember walking over to my dad after a particularly bad track meet in high school, head down, angry, and looking up at him with a proud smile on his face. “I cannot believe how fast you looked on that runway!” Pole-vaulting is a mental and physical Rube Goldberg machine. Each phase is a crucial state […]

You Won’t Get 36 Books By Sending 1

By now you’ve probably seen lots of people on Facebook inviting you to a book exchange that requires you to send 1 book to a child in return for 36. Sounds great! Exponents though, they have a way of blowing up in your face. These schemes aren’t new, but they don’t seem to be going […]

Time for Espresso

I have a co-worker who spends obscene amounts of money on computer hardware. I mean, since I’ve known him I’d say it’s a figure that is easily approaching six figures. No one really knows exactly what he does with all this stuff, just that he has his own little data center running in his apartment. […]

Upgrading my ZFS Box

This was me trying to debug my file server: Over the last few years I’ve made a strong effort to decommission as many of my machines and virtual machines as possible in favor of hosted solutions. Ultimately while it can be fun to control the entire stack, it just ends up not being worth it […]

2014, and 30

I remember one particular lie I told in 7th grade. I was in art class and I told some people that I had a wakeboarding photo shoot that weekend. The truth is that it was my mom driving beside me on a jetski taking pictures with her camera. I’d eventually go on to ruin one […]

Coffee, One Year In.

I’ve been drinking coffee for a little over a year now. I’m self-aware enough to know how annoying it may be to hear a guy who has only been drinking coffee for a year say that most people are doing it wrong. I’m going to do it anyway. This shouldn’t be surprising though – the […]

Losing Your Way

I don’t expect it surprised many to get confirmation this week that America does in fact torture suspects of terrorism. The post 9/11 pattern has been clear for some time now – the end is defeating “terror”, the means don’t matter. To this end the alternative tragedy to people getting killed in a terrorist attack […]

Bitcoin is Broken

There are plenty of neckbeards who will tell you differently, but you should consider what incentives they have in place. I know many people who have plenty of wealth tied up in Bitcoin, and even know people who have become millionaires at the hand of Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies. Good for them. Many of them are technologists who took […]

Secrets Huatulco

view from sky bar

We were sitting on the patio of a restaurant in Chicago enjoying the first perfect day of Spring watching the people who were out in droves, finally dethawing from a punishing winter. Two girls rode a tandem bicycle, kids were climbing the trees, and women everywhere were pregnant (because winter). Somewhere else, someone was crapping into […]


The math says 43%. That was Michigan’s chance, down one, of converting a two-point conversion to beat Ohio Sate who spent this season and last being undefeated by some combination of clubbing baby seal universities, being ineligible for post-season play because Tressel is a mentor and a saint but rules are hard and the truth […]

Getting engaged – Capturing the moment

I get married in less than a week. I’ve posted before about what it meant for me to get engaged, but I realized that I’ve never posted about how I did it. Before I proposed, I knew that I wanted to document it in some unobtrusive way that preserves the specifics of the memory for […]

Getting engaged

Surprise proposal

I have become engaged, almost exactly a year ago.  I have considered the circumstances under which I would find myself this way long before I had any particular partner in mind. I had always supposed it would be due to a culmination of feelings, where such a welling up of love and emotion naturally spills […]


January is gone, and I’ve yet to post this. More for my posterity, I figure it is worth auditing the last year of my life. The hardest part about writing things is the near instant embarrassment you feel after publishing. People change, and fast. Even looking back at the last year, it is apparent how much I’ve […]

The Depravity of the Distressed Stranger

Early Sunday morning, around 1:30AM, my doorbell rang. I was working on a few projects, and was still up. I opened the door to an apologetic man who introduced himself as my neighbor, 4 houses down from mine. He was about 6 feet tall, clean-shaven, and wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket. He […]

Belgium 2010 – Brasserie Dupont

Two days ago, we took a day trip to the city of Tourpes, which is in the middle of the French Belgium country side.  In the middle of the nothingness, was a small brewery called Brasserie Dupont.  This brewery produces one of my favorite styles, the Saison which is French for “season”.  This style historically […]

Belgium 2010 – Internet

Internet in these hostels has been pretty hard to come by.  If it does exist it is often crappy, or only accessible from a certain spot.  Our first job upon arriving in a new city is always to access the Internet situation.  Above is our setup tonight.  Peter’s Macbook was the only computer in good […]

Belgium 2010 – Westvleteran

We took a day trip from Brugge to a small town called Westvleteran.  It was about an hour long drive to get there, but the drive was pretty impressive.  It took us through the Belgian country side – small farming towns, lots of little villages, the autobahn, etc.  Some of the areas were extremely beautiful. […]

Belgium 2010 – Brugge

Brugge is an excellent city, it really is.  It is no wonder it is such a popular spot for tourists to visit.  Brugge is a beautiful canal city, which is why it is often referred to as “The Venice of the North”. We spent a good part of this day just wandering around the city […]

Belgium 2010 – Gent

Our 4th day of this trip was spent in a nice little medieval town called Gent.  The architecture was quite interesting, and the whole town had a nice Gothic feel to it.  We decided to keep this day pretty uneventful, and get to bed at a decent hour.  Both Peter and I were still a […]

Belgium 2010 – Zythos Beer Festival

On our third and final day in Brussels, Peter and I caught a train to Sint Nicholas to attend the Zythos beer festival.  We didn’t know about this festival before we left, but apparently one of the countries largest beer festivals resided perfectly with our itenerary.  Navigating the train station was a bit interesting.  It […]

We headed to Cantillon Brewery yesterday for their open brew day (first day of brewing of the season).  The place is basically an old barn just outside of Brussels.  We could literally smell the fresh wort when we were walking down the street on our way there.  The first picture is of spent grains, still […]

The Night of the Great Thirst

Only time for a real quick post.  Peter and I went to this small beer festival last night which when translated, is called “The Night of the Great Thirst”.  We basically drove 30 minutes outside of Brussels into a small town.  Eventually we found the festival which was in a few tents outside of a […]

Belgium 2010 Itenerary

I leave for Belgium in ~4 days.  This is a trip I have wanted to do for awhile.  Belgium is basically the mecca of beer.  So much history, so much tasty beer.  The original plan was to go with a group of 4, though a few people couldn’t make it so it is just me […]

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