Barrels of Lambic, Kreik, and Gueze at Catillon brewery.

As we were walking through Brussels we noticed an abnormally high number of police officers.  Walking a little further, we came across a huge protest/march through the streets.  It was strange though, since it appeared to be quite unfocused.  There were tons of different groups all protesting different causes.  Maybe the government only gives protesting […]

There is tons of old and interesting architecture here, like this old church.  It was snowing when we arrived in the Brussels, though as you can see it cleared up nicely.

My plane arrived on time in Belgium arond 8:30AM (1:30AM CST).  We picked up our rental car – a BWM mini  6 speed MT- and drove to our hostel to check in.  Roads in Brussels are on par with those in Boston.  No grid, no planning, and inadequate signage.  Fortunately Peter hacked on European maps […]

Heading to Belgium!  It still fascinates me that these machines can fly.

I took this in Copper Harbor, MI. You cannot get any further north in Michigan than this.

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