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Belgium 2010 – Brasserie Dupont

Two days ago, we took a day trip to the city of Tourpes, which is in the middle of the French Belgium country side.  In the middle of the nothingness, was a small brewery called Brasserie Dupont.  This brewery produces one of my favorite styles, the Saison which is French for “season”.  This style historically […]

Belgium 2010 – Internet

Internet in these hostels has been pretty hard to come by.  If it does exist it is often crappy, or only accessible from a certain spot.  Our first job upon arriving in a new city is always to access the Internet situation.  Above is our setup tonight.  Peter’s Macbook was the only computer in good […]

Belgium 2010 – Westvleteran

We took a day trip from Brugge to a small town called Westvleteran.  It was about an hour long drive to get there, but the drive was pretty impressive.  It took us through the Belgian country side – small farming towns, lots of little villages, the autobahn, etc.  Some of the areas were extremely beautiful. […]

Belgian country side on the way to Westvleteran.

An old church in the medieval town of Gent.

Belgium 2010 – Zythos Beer Festival

On our third and final day in Brussels, Peter and I caught a train to Sint Nicholas to attend the Zythos beer festival.  We didn’t know about this festival before we left, but apparently one of the countries largest beer festivals resided perfectly with our itenerary.  Navigating the train station was a bit interesting.  It […]

As we were walking through Brussels we noticed an abnormally high number of police officers.  Walking a little further, we came across a huge protest/march through the streets.  It was strange though, since it appeared to be quite unfocused.  There were tons of different groups all protesting different causes.  Maybe the government only gives protesting […]

The Night of the Great Thirst

Only time for a real quick post.  Peter and I went to this small beer festival last night which when translated, is called “The Night of the Great Thirst”.  We basically drove 30 minutes outside of Brussels into a small town.  Eventually we found the festival which was in a few tents outside of a […]

My plane arrived on time in Belgium arond 8:30AM (1:30AM CST).  We picked up our rental car – a BWM mini  6 speed MT- and drove to our hostel to check in.  Roads in Brussels are on par with those in Boston.  No grid, no planning, and inadequate signage.  Fortunately Peter hacked on European maps […]

Heading to Belgium!  It still fascinates me that these machines can fly.

Belgium 2010 Itenerary

I leave for Belgium in ~4 days.  This is a trip I have wanted to do for awhile.  Belgium is basically the mecca of beer.  So much history, so much tasty beer.  The original plan was to go with a group of 4, though a few people couldn’t make it so it is just me […]

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