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I remember walking over to my dad after a particularly bad track meet in high school, head down, angry, and looking up at him with a proud smile on his face. “I cannot believe how fast you looked on that runway!” Pole-vaulting is a mental and physical Rube Goldberg machine. Each phase is a crucial state […]

2014, and 30

I remember one particular lie I told in 7th grade. I was in art class and I told some people that I had a wakeboarding photo shoot that weekend. The truth is that it was my mom driving beside me on a jetski taking pictures with her camera. I’d eventually go on to ruin one […]


The math says 43%. That was Michigan’s chance, down one, of converting a two-point conversion to beat Ohio Sate who spent this season and last being undefeated by some combination of clubbing baby seal universities, being ineligible for post-season play because Tressel is a mentor and a saint but rules are hard and the truth […]

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